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Made for Admont
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The Benedictine monastery of Admont, established in 1074, is embedded in the magnificent natural landscape at the entrance to the Gesäuse National Park. It houses the largest, oldest and probably the most beautiful baroque library in the world, with two hundred thousand books and countless precious manuscripts.

Director & Writer: Michael Schlamberger
Camera: Michael Schlamberger
Steadycam: Hubert Doppler
Location Sound: Raimund Sivetz
Editor: Andrew Naylor
Visuell Effects: Simon Wendler
Dubbing Editor: Martin Rohrmoser
Sounddesign: Raimund Sivetz
Music: Kurt Adametz

A co-production of ScienceVision, Stift Admont, ORF/3sat and CINESTYRIA

The world of the museum
The museum uniquely combines science and art. Apart from the famous library and the art collections, there is also an astonishing natural history museum set up single-handedly by a monk with a passion for science, father Gabriel Strobl who, from 1866 on, collected and catalogued countless specimens for 44 years.

Hardly anybody would expect to find works of modern artists in the almost 1000-year-old monastery, yet the monastery keeps on collecting eagerly: paintings, photographs and sculptures are exhibited in the museum of contemporary art.

Restoration of a cultural masterpiece
The ravages of time and a major fire have left their marks on this multifaceted work of art from the late baroque period. To restore this outstanding piece of cultural heritage, an adventurous undertaking was initiated in the spring of 2004.

A century-defining project, for never before has work of comparable scope been undertaken.In the spring of 2008, when the project is completed, the library will shine in new splendour.

Production of a high-gloss documentary
Styrian production company ScienceVision, renowned for its Dokumentation documentaries and winner of many international awards, is producing a film under the direction of Michael Schlamberger to document this world-class cultural heritage and the adventure of its restoration.

As befits the importance of this extraordinary cultural jewel, the very latest technology is being used to commit the work to film. Images with moving camera allow us to relive the history of the monastery, and we are invited to witness the challenge of this 21st century restoration project, conscientiously explained by the experts.

Fotos: Copyright by ScienceVision