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Time Flashes

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'Time Flashes in Blue-Yellow' is the first European film in digital format exclusively produced for IMAX-theatre. The film takes us on an amazing journey through 25.000 years of cultural and natural history. Even before the blossom of Egyptian high culture a small country at the heart of the European continent was the center stage of cultural development: In the Lower Austrian Danube Valley the world famous stone age sculpture 'Venus von Willendorf' was crafted. Fish, twice as big as the white pointer shark, populated the river Danube. They are just as 'jeans-blue' frogs and the legendary imprisonment of Richard the Lionheart part of the large format film 'Time Flashes in Blue-Yellow'

Writer & Director: Kurt Muendl
Camera: Franz Cee, Kurt Mündl, Thomas Zeller
Edit: Kurt Mündl
Sound Edit: Franz Cee, Ingo Holub
Music: Kurt Adametz

A Power of Earth Production in HDTV for IMAX Film Theatre

'Time Flashes in Blue-Yellow' is not only a foray into the history of Lower Austria. It also introduces so far unknown natural curios of the country. Till the beginning of the 20th century the world-wide biggest freshwater fish domiciled in the Danube which could grow twice as big as the white pointer shark. The so-called 'Hausen', a sturgeon, reached lengths of up to eight metres! It was only with great effort that the film crew managed to track this giant of the Danube in the Danube delta and had the chance to take unique shoot. Just as unbelievable is the fact that there exist real scorpions, 'jeans-blue' frogs, free living brown bears and even pearl oysters in Austria.

Backed by historians like the middle-ages specialist and University Professor Metha Niederkorn 'Time Flashes in Blue-Yellow' for the first time shows how the spectacular imprisonment of King Richard the Lionheart in the 12th century could have come about: 'He gave himself away through a gold coin he used to pay in a taproom', explains Kurt Mündl. 'This is how he called attention to himself' Richard the Lionhart was imprisoned in the castle of Dürnstein for almost a year. The enormous ransom would today correspond approximately to the GDP of Great Britain! Duke Leopold V used this fund to re-erect Wiener Neustadt and laid a foundation for the installation of the first Mint.

Who does not know the Roman Ruins in Carnuntum? But a lot of imagination
is needed to visualise how 50 000 Romans lived there around the time of Christ. There is also little known about the fact that the Romans imported animals like the snake of Aesculapius to Austria as well as the black houserat. It became the one animal which gained notoriety as the main carrier animal of the plague whereas the snake of Aesculapius came to be the symbol of medicine and still today is the heraldic animal of the medical fraternity.

'For the shooting programme we visited places all over the world but often the most interesting things can be found just around the corner' describes Mündl his search for historic secrets whithin our own country. The Egyptian High Culture indeed offers interesting facts but it is not of less relevance that at the same time the 'Venus of Willendorf' was made in the Danube Valley. For the first time background is taken into account: Why was the Venus painted with crimson colour? And how did the Paleolithic hunter-gatherer look like?

HD stands for 'High Definition' and is at the time being the best high resolution digital picture feasible. The 'Format of the Future' achieves more and more international acceptance: George Lucas shoots 'Star Wars' only with HD. 'Time Flashes in Blue-Yellow' was shot in this 'Format of the Future' and is solely shown in IMAX Vienna. 'It is spadework that we do here' agree Kurt Mündel and Alfred Gelbmann, Co chair man of IMAX Vienna.
One of a kind in Europe: Already more than 300m2 of screen can be used for movie shows in this 'digital large Format' in Vienna.

Fotos: Copyright by Power of Earth