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Almendro - Tree of Life
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Costa Rica is a narrow bridge between North and South America and a watersheld between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is a place where worlds intertwine, with a resulting biodiversity that is unmatched by any other country. Its landscapes are genetic treasure troves of plant and animal life.

Director: Barbara Puskás
Writer: Ina Knobloch, Barbara Puskás
Camera: Robert Winkler, James Clare
Edit: Jörg Achatz
Location Sound: Joe Knauer, Paul Wood-Walker
Sound Edit: Michaela Müllner
Dubbing Mixer: Eckart Goebel
Music: Kurt Adametz

Soloist: Eduardo Artavi
A epo-film production for ORF in association with bm:bwk

In this program, the portrait of a single tree, the so-called almendro, branches out into a story about the entire niche system of the plants and animals of a low-land rain forest. From root to canopy, the almendro offers habitats, shelter and nourishment to an incredible number of creatures. Whenever an almendro goes down, almost the entire community goes down with it, demonstrating the fragility of interdependent systems.

Biodiversity in a limited area also means specialization of each species. A dramatic example of theis principle is the Great green macaw whose numbers habe been on the wane. The almendro an the Macaw are inseparable partners. Wherever the tree disappears, the parrot is no longer found.

Another program which is shot simultaneously will look behind the scenes of this production and show the various international research efforts in Costa Rica’s rain forest.

Fotos: Copyright by epo-film