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The Secret Of Gardens

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Gardens reflect the philosophy of their owners, their desire to create and their longing for beauty. However, nature has its own laws and repeatedly creates room for itself to come up with surprises and miracles even in the most orderly garden. The film pursues the secrets of the monumental garden of Schönbrunn Castle, André Heller‘s gently and barely controlled garden of fantasy and magic in Gardone on Lake Garda and the lovingly cared for natural garden of a garden enthusiast.

Director: Klaus T. Steindl
Writer: Gerhard J. Rekel
Camera: Harald Mittermüller, Wolfgang Thaler, Stefan Mussil
Edit: Charlotte Müllner, Michaela Müllner
Sound: Bernhard Schmid
Dubbing Mixer: Hans Wiesinger
Music: Kurt Adametz

An epo-film production for ORF

The garden as the earthly paradise of the ordinary man, the artist and even the Emperor, a refuge full of surprises that only need to be discovered. In the passing of the seasons, the film shows the beauty and the aesthetics , but also the power of nature and the adventurous world of living things in the garden.

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