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Alpine Lakes - Silent Beauty

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Springs, streams, ponds, lakes and rivers have forged our landscape over thousands of years. The film “Alpine Lakes” retraces the water’s journey - from the glacier down into the valley, through the mountains to its source, illustrating the beauty of natural, smaller lakes with their fascinating world of flora and fauna.

Writer & Director: Waltraud Paschinger, Erich Pröll
Camera: Erich Pröll, Hubert Doppler
Edit: Sonja Lesowsky
Dubbing Mixer: Stefan K. Fiedler, Cornelius Wildner
Music: Kurt Adametz

A Erich Pröll-Film production for ORF in association with ÖBf

In addition to its mysterious and romantic landscape, every Austrian lake has its own history, telling the story of enchanted cliffs, a spectacular underwater world, dragons, ancient species of fish, as well as of speleologists and modern science. The award-winning nature filmmakers Waltraud Paschinger and Erich Pröll take you along on this fascinating ride.

Fotos: Copyright by ep-film