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Umbria - from Wreck to Reef
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On June 10, 1940, the ‚Umbria‘, a huge Italian battleship went down with all hands off Port Sudan, taking with her 10.000 tons of ammunition, 30.000 bombs and aerial mines, military cars, motorbikes and 50.000 silver coins.
60 years after the ship sank, UNIVERSUM presents the current state of affairs and shows how quickly the sea’s inhabitants have turned wreck into reef.

Director: Erich Pröll
Writer: Sabine Holzer
Camera: Erich Pröll
Edit: Karl Königsberger, Sonja Lesowsky
Sound: Kurt Adametz
Dubbing Mixer: Florian Camerer
Music: Kurt Adametz

An Erich Pröll-Film production for ORF in association with Docstar and ZDF

In 1949, Hans Hass dove to the wreck and presented documentation on the initial stages of growing corals. Another thirty years on, he filmed the same spots - they had distinctly progressed in their process of becoming an 'artificial reef'.

Sixty years after the Umbria foundered, almost the entire wreckage including machine rooms, berths and storage facilities has become a new habitat for sea inhabitants. Corals cling to iron parts, firefish, sea bass an morays hunt inside the hulk with barracudas, devilfish and sharks patrolling against the ghostly backdrop of the Umbria.

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